Monday, September 6, 2010

Sweater weather in September?

I feel like it's been a little while since I last updated and for that, I apologize! I had a bit of a momentum going, but alas, I must say that I lost a bit of steam that I'm still trying to grasp back.

The past three days have taken a slightly chilly, fall-like turn, prompting me to contemplate some weather-transitioning attire.

It bums me out knowing that soon I won't be able to wear cute dresses and skirts (even with tights and boots, as I'm quite a wuss when it comes to cold weather!) with the dropping temperatures. But I've been working on a acquiring apparel that will keep me warm in the colder months, but still feel cute and feminine.

I think the following sweater falls into that category! My colder weather outfits tend to fall on the side of simplicity, but I don't think that it detracts from the look itself. Also a plus, I bought this sweater in July for $5 in Urban Outfitters big clear-out sales!

Grey/white striped ruffle sweater - Rendez-Vous by Paul & Joe Sister for Urban Outfitters
"Mod" heart pin - thrifted
Straight leg jeans - American Eagle


  1. thats such a cute jumper! im excited to wear big chunky clothes an snuggle!

  2. thanks! =) i just hate when it starts to get snowy and icy and super cold. =(