Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Red, black & white; polka dots & bows.

It's no secret that I'm a sucker for polka dots and bows. And I wear so much red, black and white that I've been told on numerous occasions by various people that I dress like a "lost member of the White Stripes" (which is fine by me!).

On Saturday, when I was getting ready for a day in Toronto with my boyfriend (plans included the annual Vegetarian Food Fair at Harbourfront Centre, record shopping, squirrel watching and dinner), I put on this polka dot top and jeans. Then, I decided to snazz up the monotony with a red bow pin. I looked outside and it was sunny. I thought, Why don't I dress up this outfit and ditch the jeans? And so I did. (I did eventually have to add a cardigan as the sun departed, and a jacket by nightfall.)


Black & white polka dot button-up - Forever 21
Red bow pin - Primark
Red bow belt - H&M (clearly I love this belt!)
Black asymmetrical tiered skirt - Luella for Target
Black tights - Old Navy
Black flat oxfords - Aldo
Rainbow cocktail ring - Harbourfront Centre gift shop
Squirrel necklace - anirtak on Etsy

Two more photos after the jump...

After I finished eating a delicious plate of veggie turkey dinner at the Veggie Food Fair, we stopped by the Harbourfront Centre gift shop before heading over to Criminal Records for some record shopping. I fell in love with a rainbow-striped cocktail ring and just had to buy it. I've since declared that this ring holds my secret and awesome gay superpowers. Obviously.

Here I am posing with the ring, as taken by my boyfriend:

I had a great day overall! I bought the Jenny and Johnny (I'm Having Fun Now) vinyl and a Nightmare Before Christmas wooden calendar (only $3!) from Criminal Records and for dinner we had noodles/soup at Kenzo Ramen. I'm still sad that summer is departing at a quick rate, but this was a Saturday for all Saturdays.


  1. wini, your style is so amazing!I love that outfit :) And you look so pretty in the last picture, you have a lovely smile

  2. aw, thank you! <3 i guess i don't smile much in posed/self-taken photos because it seems phony! i'm more likely to smile in other people's photos when it's totally spontaneous and genuine!

  3. Wini, the rainbow ring seems like a great buy, haha. The bow/polka dot combo always makes me think of you. I love the black skirt - I'm having a hard time finding something similar (ie: not tight, not too loose). And.. I am so jealous of the veg fest there (I hear it's the largest...ever)!! I hope you have veg turkey pics :)

  4. ah, thanks! =) the skirt is actually too big on the waist (which is ridiculous because it's an XS) and the belt helped hold it up!

    i did take an iphone pic of the veg turkey, but it kinda just looked like beige slop on the plate, haha. so i figured it's best not to post and not gross anyone out! =P