Wednesday, September 8, 2010

The 30-Day Music Meme: Day Nine

Day Nine - A song that you can dance to.

So there's this common known "fact" that hipsters apparently don't dance at shows. Everyone stays perfectly still even at the catchiest, toe-tappingest tunes. I must admit that while I have witnessed this firsthand, it's not entirely true.

I'm going to come right out and say that I like to dance at shows. I mean, I'm no dancer - though I did take ballet and jazz dance classes as a child, but I am, admittedly, disappointingly uncoordinated as an adult. Thinking back, I was probably just as uncoordinated as a child, but I just really wanted to wear a tutu and neon spandex. (Priorities!) Plus clumsy children are endearing. If a song moves me, I won't fight it. I draw the line at flailing and/or interpretive dance, of course. But of course.

But I digress.

Anybody who knows anything about me knows that I am a diehard Jenny Lewis fan. I proudly worship at the alter of Jenny Lewis, and also Zooey Deschanel (nope, I'm no monotheist of female hipster darlings - why choose?).

I saw Jenny Lewis with the Watson Twins twice while they were touring Rabbit Fur Coat (in 2006) and the second time I saw them perform, I recalled they introduced several new songs - including a foot-stomping number that I crossed fingers and toes would appear on the next album.

At the time, the song was simply called "Fernando" and Jenny Lewis and band actually went on to perform it on live late night television on Late Night with Conan O'Brien (alas, no Youtube video as NBC is staunchly hardnosed at keeping their clips off unofficial sites).

The song eventually appeared on Acid Tongue, Jenny's followup to Rabbit Fur Coat, to my delight. The title had been changed slightly to "See Fernando" and the track was sans Watson Twins, but it was still raucous as ever.

Along with the awesome, 60's spy movie-inspired music video, how you can resist that toe-tapping beat and Jenny portraying a sexy, sultry femme fatale? Instant classic!

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