Saturday, September 18, 2010

Step into my office, baby (or, another edition of red, black & white)

The remaining days of wearing skirts and dresses are dwindling down as the temperature drops. What a bummer. The transition into colder weather isn't completely lost, as I have an extensive collection of tights that I can wear until it just gets too cold.

I prefer to keep my style more on the quirky/kitschy side than the conventional. While I do work in an office, I don't necessarily dress very corporate-style. I have quite a penchant for secretary blouses and when paired with a pencil skirt, that look can be downright Wall St. (or Bay St., if being geographically accurate to my city). I aimed to offset this with vibrant red tights. Simple but statement-making (I like to think so, at least!).

Black & white striped secretary blouse - thrifted
Black high-waisted tulip pencil skirt - Forever 21
Red tights
Black flats (not pictured)


  1. i love this outfit! i have still yet to find the perfect striped blouse. i'm a little tempted to steal yours. ;)

    (kidding, kidding)