Saturday, September 18, 2010

The 30-Day Music Meme: Day Ten

Day Ten - A song that makes you fall asleep

Day Ten's topic of discussion makes me think that I'm supposed to choose a song that bores me so much that it actually causes me to lose consciousness. Which isn't exactly a complimentary categorization for said song.

There's a lot of music to which that I've fallen asleep. I spend a lot of my time commuting by train, where I tend to fall asleep - especially during my commute home. Two things you can count on me doing whilst on the train: listening to music and falling asleep.

Some artists and albums are perfect for this. It's not that they're boring or uninteresting - but more that they have a dreamy quality that takes me to another place. </cheesy>

Mazzy Star is definitely a band that embodies that dreamy quality. Hope Sandoval could seriously sing the world into a beautiful, otherworldly trance if given the opportunity. I love all three Mazzy Star albums and both of Hope Sandoval's solo efforts. I'd also classify their music as perfect night time listening.

"Fade Into You" is probably their most famous song, but 'commercial appeal' aside, I love this song and love falling asleep to it.

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