Thursday, November 11, 2010

The 30-Day Music Meme: Day Sixteen

Whoaaaaa, first things first, it has been a LONG time since I last updated! Or it's been a few weeks at least. Since then... I've had a birthday, had a few work-related meltdowns and done some other fun stuff. =) The weather has gotten colder, so I can't promise many style diaries for a little while, I'm afraid.

I can't believe I'm still working on this meme! I've actually made little notes for the upcoming days of this meme, so I just need to sit my arse down and blog it out!

Okay, without further ado....

Day 16 — A song that you used to love but now hate

I was a huge fan of Nelly Furtado in high school. I thought she was super cool and I swelled with Canadian pride as a fan. A friend of mine went to the same high school as Nelly, back in Victoria, British Columbia (she scanned me Nelly's yearbook photos, which I thought was a hoot!).

My "claim to fame" in my last few months of high school was that I appeared on tv in the audience for Nelly Furtado's Intimate & Interactive special on MuchMusic. Basically, it was an hour-long special featuring an artist performing and sitting down for an interview in the MuchMusic studio. (MuchMusic is generally defined as the "Canadian version of MTV" - though, at this point in time, this definition doesn't mean much anymore since we now have MTV Canada... but that's besides the point.) MuchMusic was also in the habit of repeatedly airing these I&I programs over the course of several months, thus different classmates would see randomly me on tv in these repeated viewings.

Anyway, yeah, I was a superfan. The song that propelled Nelly Furtado into popularity was obviously "I'm Like A Bird" (ie. overplayed to hell). I can no longer stand to hear this song. Gahh. Sorry, Nelly. I guess I just grew out of your music.

However, I can still stomach the acoustic version of "I'm Like A Bird" - something about it isn't quite as grating as the original version.

Now, writing this entry has awakened a slight hankering to listen to her debut album Whoa, Nelly! (I didn't care much for her subsequent albums, to be honest), but I will most likely skip over "I'm Like A Bird"....


  1. I feel the same way! My best friend and I loved "I'm Like a Bird" when it first came out but I don't anymore :( However, I do love her "Loose" album and I looove the duet she and Michael Buble did together for "Quando, Quando, Quando"

    And oh gosh, don't even get me started on MuchMusic. I hate how reality tv and sitcoms have dominated and overshadowed everything else. It was so much better when we were in high school.


  2. Oh, I didn't know she dueted with Michael Buble! (Actually, maybe I did.... my sister is a pretty big Buble fan.)

    It sucks when radio stations play the hell out of some songs to the point where no one ever wants to hear them again, haha.

    MuchMusic and MTV should have "music" permanently relinquished from their names.

  3. ^^totally agreed. I can't even remember the last time I watched the countdown and it seems like that is all they have left :\

    And yes, hee, I am a mondo big Michael Buble fan <3

  4. Ya, that song was good back in the day but I don't think I'd actively want to listen to that now!

    On the whole Buble thing, love him! Kicking myself for not going to see him in concert a few months ago with my brother and sister