Sunday, November 28, 2010

The 30-Day Music Meme: Day Eighteen

Day 18 — A song that you wish you heard on the radio

I bet you're all sick to death of hearing about how much I love the Beach Boys. (An aside: I recently bought tickets to see Brian Wilson play Massey Hall in June 2011! I think I may die of joy several times during this show.)
This blog post isn't actually about the Beach Boys, but about a song that is reminiscent of any quintessential Beach Boys song (to me). If I had my own radio station, this song would most certainly show up on many playlists and wouldn't seem out of place sandwiched between the Beach Boys and like say, Buddy Holly.

Beulah! I love this band! Sadly, they are highly underrated and actually no longer exist. The singer, Miles Kurosky recently released a solo album called The Desert of Shallow Effects and it is as excellent as any Beulah album.

Honestly, if I were forced to compose a list of my absolute favourite songs (and I say "forced," because I don't think I would ever make such a list because it would be TOO DIFFICULT), "Burned By the Sun" would definitely be on that list. Back when I used to make mix CDs for friends, this song would almost always appear in the tracklisting.

I also get the same warm, fuzzy feeling I get hearing this song as I do with favourite Beach Boys tunes. And that's saying a lot, people. I LOVE THIS SONG. I'm not saying I'd want to hear it on real-life, mainstream radio but it would most definitely be played on MY imaginary radio station....

(also, yes, I know I've been severely slacking at being a good little blogger, especially at completing these meme! Breige over at Rare Opal has put me to shame and is nearly completed the meme in record time (well, compared to the rate I'm going at!).

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