Sunday, November 28, 2010

Cover me, volume three.

My third installment of Wini-approved cover songs is timely in that I just saw Fran Healy (singer of the band Travis) perform this at his solo show in Toronto on Friday and also because it is somewhat Christmas-themed. I mean, we're starting to get snow around these parts and December is just around the corner, so... yeah.

The melancholy tone is so heartbreaking - I love the tiny break in Fran's voice when he hits the high notes (also see: impressive) and how sad and sincere he sounds. It's pretty faithful to the original, aside from the change of pronouns (from male to female).

The original is by Canadian legend, Joni Mitchell, duh. If you haven't heard it before, look it up. Oh wait, here it is:

Both songs give me chills. And rightly so. But I do apologize if they bum you out a bit. You have been warned!

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