Saturday, October 2, 2010

The 30-Day Music Meme: Day Thirteen

Note: I'm skipping Day 12 (A song from a band you hate) because I think it's pointless! Why would I want to promote a band or songs from a band that I hate?

Day Thirteen - A song that is a guilty pleasure

Truth: I think Katy Perry is ridiculously hot (and also ridiculous looking, when it comes to her stage/red carpet outfits), but she is undeniably a poor singer (sorry Katy). But also undeniable are her catchy songs and hooks. I wouldn't go around saying that I'm a Katy Perry fan, but "Hot 'n Cold" can get stuck in my head like an earworm... so, guilty pleasure is it.


  1. I love Hot n' Cold too! Let me tell you, it got us through many cold days on the picket line 2 years ago, haha. I like a bunch of her songs, I wiggle around to Teenage Dream :D And pft, you do not live a boring life. I certainly don't think you're boring in the least ^_^ *hugs*

  2. deb, you're a sweetheart! <3
    i haven't really listened to Teenage Dream yet (i downloaded it ages ago, but it just sat on my desktop with a whole ton of other files). guess there's nothing wrong with fun bouncy pop music every now and then!