Friday, July 8, 2011

"You look like Minnie Mouse" - another style diary entry

Summer is the season for style diary entries, methinks.

So, in my last entry, my lovely friends Deb and Breige commented on how I only seem to wear red bottoms (skirts, tights) and no red tops. I thought to myself, "Hmm. That can't be - I know I have at least a few red tops!"

Well, here's one of them. I've had this top for ages - I bought it from a girl in Asia (can't recall if it was Japan or Taiwan) before I even had Paypal! The thing about this top is that it's quite short, so I can't find too many ways to wear it. The perfect solution for this cute top? Pair it with a high-waisted skirt - it pretty much eliminates the possibility of any belly-baring.

Red/white polka dotted top
Black scalloped edge high-waisted tulip skirt - Lux/Urban Outfitters

Skirts avec pockets = the best.

I bought this skirt from UO for $5 or $10 (I pretty much only shop their sale racks!), but it's a large. I had to safety pin the back in two places for it to fit properly. Definitely a sewing project in the works when I get motivated.

And the entry title comes from what my sister said when she saw my outfit. I would tend to agree! (more so about this top than I would with my boyfriend's classification of the red skirt from my previous entry as a "Minnie Mouse skirt.")

I guess Minnie Mouse is just one of my fashion icons, y'all. Nothing wrong with that. I do like red, white, polka dots and bows, so it works for me.


  1. Cute!! And you've proven us wrong! Now I'm going to have to dig out a red bottom for me to wear

  2. Aww, such a perfect summer outfit! :D The scalloped skirt is all sorts of awesome, I love. But hahaha at having to safety pin it, I have to do that with one of my dresses and a few other things too! >_<

    Hmm, would a red dress count as a top and bottom? :D

  3. Lol, Deb I was thinking the same thing as I have a few red dresses!

  4. Great minds think alike! haha. And Wini, you are not wearing tights in the photos...gasp, did you go bare-legged? :D

  5. thanks for the comments, ladies! =)
    haha, i have a few red dresses too. go for it!

    and deb, yes! i've been going bare leg on the reeeeally hot days because it gets unbearable otherwise. it's weird. =P i had to go bare leg today and i HATE sitting on public transportation and benches at union station because either the benches are COLD on bare legs or the fabric upholstery on the subways are scratchy!