Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Style icon: Zooey Deschanel

It's honestly no secret that I really, really adore Zooey Deschanel. What's not to love, really? She has amazing style, she's a talented singer and musician, AND she's smart and funny to boot. I know a lot of people scoff at her popularity and dismiss her as that stereotypical "manic pixie dream girl" trope or gripe about her "twee"-ness. But - haters to the left. This is a style diary post, so I'm going to focus on the fashion here. I can't think of any other celebrity who inspires me, style-wise, as much as Zooey D. I know it's silly, but one crazy dream of mine is to go thrift shopping with her.

Anyway... I really dig Peter Pan collars - on blouses, shirts, dresses, tunics, YOU NAME IT... if it's got a Peter Pan collar, I will probably love it. I also really dig puff sleeves and a-line skirts. These fashion loves basically sum up this outfit. Though it may be two very basic pieces and simple lines, it also features two, bold and bright primary colours.

Cobalt blue puff sleeve Peter Pan collar blouse - Dr. Denim (from Singapore)
Red a-line skirt (with big white buttons and pockets!) - Lux/Urban Outfitters
Red wide stretchy belt - H&M
Black tights - Old Navy
Black oxford flats - Aldo (not pictured)
Red heart ring - Pauper's Bounty on Etsy
Rainbow cocktail ring - Harbourfront Centre gift shop
(all photos can be clicked for a larger version)

Warmer weather allows me to let my hair air dry, which results in these lovely waves! I wish I lived somewhere where blow-drying my hair wasn't a necessity in the winter (else you catch pneumonia/end up with icicles for hair).

A better look at the detailing on the blouse.
I seriously LOVE this skirt - it's the perfect shade of red and I adore the big white buttons (my bf calls it the "Minnie Mouse skirt," even though a Minnie Mouse skirt ought to be red with white polka dots). Plus skirts with pockets are the best!

I wear my rainbow ring pretty much every day; I usually wear this heart ring (it was a birthday gift from my boyfriend) - I also have it in pink.
Also, I realized that though I wear my watch every day, with every outfit, I never credit it in any style diary. It's by Fossil and it was a university graduation present from my parents.

The inspiration from this combination came from an outfit I've seen Zooey Deschanel wear, most notably at a ceremonial presentation of the "key to the city" and plaque for Angel's Knoll in Los Angeles. I believe her blouse and skirt are from Dear Creatures, as featured in their Celebrity/Press section. Seriously, browse the DC site for ten minutes and if you know me at all, you'll be exclaiming, "That is SO Wini!" over every outfit. If I had the money, I would buy all my clothes from them....

(both Zooey Deschanel photos are from ZooeyDeschanel.net)


  1. Sigh, I just LOVE your style Wini! You look so cute. And that skirt is the perfect shade of red!

  2. aw breige, you're so sweet. thank you!!

  3. So cute! I love that skirt (and your style) SO much!

  4. The red skirt is beautiful and it's the perfect shade! I love wearing red too, only we're opposite because I have more red tops and you have red bottoms, like your skirt, belts, and tights! :D

  5. Yes, I love wearing red too but I'm the same as Deb, it's tops that I have in red, I don't think I have anything from the bottom half of my body, bar a few pairs of red tights! And my glittery ruby red slippers!

  6. thanks deb!

    i've got a few red tops and red dresses - i guess i haven't featured them in any style diaries?

    breige, ruby red slippers, omg! i've been on the search for some red flats that are the perfect shade of red (i'm very particular) but to no avail.

  7. Oh! I remember you have a photo on FB where you're wearing a red cardigan :D And I have a pair of red shoes, but they're summer wedges and I think I need to find a way of making the back strap tighter b/c my feet keep shifting in them :\ Bought thema few years ago at Payless :)

  8. i'm wearing a red top today! just for you ladies!

  9. ^^yay! :D You know what would be fun? Well, at least fun to me...anyway! It'd be fun for us to pick a colour and to dress in that colour (not from head-to-toe, but on top or bottom or whatever) and to compile all our photos in a rainbow fashion series :D

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