Monday, August 23, 2010

The 30-Day Music Meme: Day Three

Day Three: A song that makes you happy.

My first response would be a Beach Boys song. But that would make me predictable.

I have a better answer though - "Rebellion (Lies)" by Arcade Fire. Having seen them play Olympic Island two weeks ago (August 14th), that elated, breathless feeling is still fresh in my mind. I've seen this band five times, since I was 20, when their album Funeral had just come out. As a live band, they could never disappoint. That ferocious intensity they bring to the stage, the unbridled exuberance... you can't fake that. It's the real deal.

This has always been my favourite song from Funeral - seeing this song performed live is always the pinnacle of the show for me. I will unabashedly sing along, shout along during the "Lies! Lies!" refrain, unabashedly punching my fist in the air like a human punctuation mark. And for those several minutes, I'm just a bundle of energy, exploding with bliss.

Come on hide your lovers, underneath the covers.

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  1. Nice pick :)

    For me: Oasis - Rock N Roll Star (acoustic)