Friday, December 23, 2011

In the year 2011 (recap).... new home excitement / moving blues

My biggest excitement of this year, by far, was that I bought a condo in Toronto. Downtown Toronto, to be exact. I'd been searching for a year and half and it was starting to seem hopeless. A few days before my 29th birthday, I jokingly said that I hoped for my 29th year, I would finally find the perfect condo in Toronto.

Lo and behold, my real estate agent emailed me a listing for a condo in this particular building I'd had my eye on... ON MY ACTUAL BIRTHDAY. No joke!

Long story short, I moved in to my own home in the second week of December. It's been quite an adjustment, but it's pretty damn rad. There's still lots to do and things to move. I have no idea where I'm going to keep all my CDs and the ever-growing record collection between my boyfriend and I... not to mention all our instruments (my piano, five guitars between the two of us and whatnot), but we'll figure it out.

With that, I conclude this entry with a few Instagram photos taken since my move to Toronto.

1. HOMEOWNER. The day I got the keys to my condo.
2. The CN Tower against a beautiful blue sky.
3. Ridiculously kitschy cat tea towel. My kettle looks like a curling stone, which I think is awesome.
4. My bedside: cupcake rug from my friend Rachel and pink argyle slippers.
5. Nightmare Before Christmas wooden block calendar. I bought this ages ago for $3.00 from the now-gone Criminal Records (sniff, sadface). I didn't have anywhere to put this in my cluttered room at my parents' house, so I'm so happy it sits prominently on my dresser now). Bunny ring holder from Umbra.
6. Cupcake jar I bought recently. Thinking of using it to house tea bags.
7. Ceramic squirrel trinket holder. I like squirrels. You knew that, right?
8. Window/curtains.

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  1. Yowza! You're doing all kinds of grown-up things that scare the bejeebus out of me, and you're doing it in style. :]

    1. aww, thank you! the only time i feel like a (bummed-out) grown-up is when i look at my bank account after my mortgage payments have been taken out...

  2. Congrats Wini! It's exciting to move isn't it? I moved in with my boyfriend just a few weeks before you did, so not only are we cupcake rug twins but moving twins (and almost birthday twins!). It's scary, my room at home has already been claimed and is being made over which makes me sad but I much prefer my freedom!

    1. thanks breige! congrats to you too! how's it going with the living together? i've found it's been a bit of an adjustment...