Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Swoon (another edition of Cover me).

The weather's been bumming me out lately and so has the results of the recent Canadian election (boo hiss!). But politics are rarely my choice of discussion topic, so let's move on.

The first time I'd heard this song was the version done by the Beach Boys. And we all know how much I love the Beach Boys, don't we? I don't need to dedicate yet another post about Brian Wilson and the Beach Boys!

So yes, this song makes me swoon. There's something SO romantic about the lyrics - it pretty much embodies the feeling of being in love and being enveloped in that feeling. Sigh!

I just love the swelling harmonies in the Beach Boys version. And it really does musically surround you, without sounding overdone and syrupy sweet.

Obviously I was totally stoked when I found out She & Him were releasing their own cover of "I Can Hear Music" as the b-side to the first single off Volume 2, "In the Sun" (pretty much the most perfect pairing ever for a 7" single!). Their version is fairly low key, with M. Ward's dreamy acoustic guitar and minimal backing vocals. I love how Zooey's voice sounds so warm and lovely; it just soars. I think this song was meant to give me chills!

Anyway, in the press release announcing that She & Him single, I realized that the Beach Boys weren't the original artists of this song - it was actually The Ronettes. Oddly enough, I hadn't heard their version despite being a huge fan of 60's girl groups and Phil Spector's wall of sound. To be honest, I think the Beach Boys' version is still my absolute favourite.

Listen for yourself! Which one do you like best?

The Ronettes:

Beach Boys:

She & Him:

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