Saturday, April 30, 2011

Cover me, obsessed-with-these-bands edition.

Sometimes I get so obsessed with bands that I can't stop playing their music and I worry at some point I'm going to get so sick of them, that I'll never be able to listen to them again.

Two bands I've been super obsessed with lately? Well, you should be able to guess one of them: Dum Dum Girls (obvs!) and the other is the Raveonettes.

I saw the Ravonettes in Toronto last month and reviewed the show for Singing Lamb, a Toronto-based music blog I also write for... the review and photo gallery can be found here. The band also did an in-store performance at Sonic Boom on Bloor (for non-Torontonians - seen Scott Pilgrim? Then you'll know what record store I'm talking about!) and chatted with Sune Rose Wagner afterwards (total SQUEE moment), as well as a photo with him and Sharin (see left). Looking back, I probably should've blogged about it immediately afterwards but oh well.

Anyway, I've been saying for quite awhile now that I would keel over with joy if the Raveonettes toured with Dum Dum Girls. I mean, they both have that amazing, dark retro-vintage-reverb sound and they're already all pals, right? (see previous entry where I already gush about this, haha)

So in my recent search for all things Dum Dum Girls, I found that they actually cover a Raveonettes song! You know me, I love covers and what could be better than a band I love covering another band I love? Also, in watching several interviews with DDG's singer Dee Dee, she stated that she loves thinking of songs the band can cover - hey Dee Dee, I like covers too! Let's be pals!

Okay, okay, enough ramble from me (though I haven't blogged in so long, you can excuse a bit of ramble, right?). Without further ado, here is the Raveonettes' with their song "Heart of Stone" from their 2009 album, In and Out of Control.

And now, with a similar tone but (in my opinion), a totally different approach, Dum Dum Girls' version.

The thing about both songs is that I love both intros - both start out with the single guitar playing - then the Raveonettes' version has that dramatic drum intro, whereas Dum Dum Girls' comes in with that syncopated drum beat.... have I ever mentioned how much I LOVE syncopated drum beats? To me, it's such a throwback to 60's girl groups or just that 60's/Phil Spector/wall of sound type sound. Ahhh. I love it. Can't stop gushing.

Seriously hoping I will be able to see Dum Dum Girls when they do NXNE in June....

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